Grassland maintenance

Professional grassland maintenance is essential for a good quality crop. The main goal is to keep the sward in good condition. Evers grassland machines guarantee a higher and qualitatively better grass yield. The overseeder removes unwanted grasses and weeds and rejuvenates the sward. Aeration and subsoiling remove soil compaction and improve water drainage, root penetrability and oxygen content, allowing better nutrients uptake by the grass.

Surface compaction and subsoiling

Many dairy farmers find that intensive use of their grassland results in poorer grass growth. The use of increasingly heavy agricultural machinery is causing soil compaction, usually at a depth of about 25 to 30 cm. Compaction prevents the grass roots from reaching the right depth for the uptake of sufficient amounts of water and nutrients. Evers grassland subsoilers loosen soil compactions by cultivating the deeper soil layers. Subsoiling breaks up the compaction open while the sward remains intact.

Surface compaction and aeration

Grassland is often subjected to very intensive use. Intensive grazing, heavy rainfall or driving with heavy machinery on grassland may cause soil compaction and slaking. Aerating the sward is essential to prevent any detrimental effects on the growth and the quality of the grass. The Evers grassland aerator effortlessly removes compactions in the soil structure down to 18.5 cm. In that way, the grassland aerator ensures better aeration and permeability of the sward, which has a beneficial effect on the water-storage capacity of the sward.

Grassland rejuvenation

A healthy sward is essential for plenty of quality roughage. But grassland is exposed to many detrimental conditions: drought, wet patches, continuous low mowing (which prevents good grasses from producing seed), weeds, development of unwanted grasses and the frequent use of heavy machinery may all contribute to sward deterioration. A damaged grass sward gives room for unwanted grasses and weeds, which may considerably reduce the yield and nutritional value of the grassland.

The Evers Grass Profi, with the motto "harrowing, levelling, sowing and rolling", is a versatile, expandable machine that combines the four processing steps for grassland rejuvenation. The levelling board, harrow tines, seed drill and roller form a functional unit, but can also be used independently.

Evers grassland care machines ensure:

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