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Single-row disc cultivator injector

The Evers single-row disc cultivator injector is especially suitable for incorporating and covering manure across a larger working width. The well-proven discs from the Evers Toric injector prepare the soil surface by breaking it up and creating space in the soil for the manure.

The slurry is injected into the soil directly behind the discs, after which the levelling slurry covering tines ensure the manure is covered perfectly. This machine fits both in a trailing hose system (for example the Schouten lifting mast) and behind a tank or self-propelled machine. The machine is suitable for use on both clay and sandy soil.

By building the machine in a compact way, the discs are as short as possible behind the tank. As a result, the centre of gravity is also close behind the tank. The covering tines ensure that the manure is well covered and that a nice evenly cultivated field is left behind.

Compact construction

Due to its compact construction and ideal weight distribution, the single-row disc cultivator injector also fits behind a tank. The machine is designed in such a way that the centre of gravity of the machine is less than 50 cm. behind the centre of the lifting balls. This also makes the machine suitable for tanks for which a negative drawbar load is a problem. This injector has an extremely low weight: with a working width of up to 9 meters, it weighs less than 3,000 kg.

Discs with optimum cutting angle

The individually suspended discs of the single-row disc cultivator injector are mounted in the frame with a maintenance-free rubber torsion block. The cutting angle of the discs is the optimized Evers cutting angle. The discs prepare the soil surface by breaking it up and creating space in the soil for the manure. The manure is injected at a depth of 5 to 10 cm. The angled row of levelling slurry covering tines cover the manure with the soil created by the discs.

Injecting the manure directly into the soil reduces nitrogen losses and increases nutrient efficiency. The single-row disc cultivator injector is solid and lightly constructed for durable use.

Features Single row single-row disc cultivator injector

  • 1 row of Evers Toric discs with a diameter of 51 cm
  • Levelling slurry-covering tines for optimal covering of the manure and an evenly cultivated field
  • Enough space between the discs to prevent clogging
  • Centre of gravity of the injector is close behind the tank
  • Little pulling power required
  • 3-part hydraulic folding frame up to a working width of 9 meter

Available in various standard versions:

Size in cm

TypeNo. of discsNo. of outletsDisc spacingWorking widthTransport widthKg (incl. support wheels)
Toric Mono 26-780262630.007803002750
Toric Mono 30-900303030.009003002990

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