Breaking compactions is essential to keep the soil in good condition. That is the reason why Evers developed subsoilers and large cultivators to remove compactions. Depending on the type of soil, select a tine with chisel that has a (slight) mixing effect or one with no mixing effect. Evers subsoilers and fixed-tine cultivators break up any compactions and improve the water and oxygen balance. Crops can therefore take root better and deeper, which will benefit the yield.

Removing soil compaction

Removing soil compaction results in adequate water permeability and improves the root penetrability of the soil. It is important that the various soil layers remain intact. However, it is crucial to break up compactions, such as compactions that restrict the permeability and the penetration of roots into the soil. Such compactions may be the result of 'old' plough pans and working with (increasingly heavy) agricultural machinery. Soil compaction may cause poor root development and considerable loss of yield further down the line. Especially in wet springs or dry summers, it is clear that rootability is extremely important.

Evers subsoilers have a working depth of up to 1 metre. Various tines make it possible to use the optimal machine to perform the required operations in every situation. With many years of experience, Evers has gained an extensive knowledge in the area of soil cultivation. Our staff will gladly help with sound advice on soil cultivation.

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