Weeding- and front-mounted harrow

Harrowing takes place on both grassland and arable land. On grassland, harrowing is an operation to remove unwanted grasses, to loosen the thatch layer to give desirable grasses more space and remove unwanted grasses. On arable land, it is an operation to loosen the top layer of soil, to level the soil, and to prepare the seedbed.

The Evers weeding harrow  

The Evers weeding harrow is the ideal machine for harrowing the grassland. The levelling bar levels uneven areas such as molehills, and the harrow pulls unwanted grasses and the thatch layer loose. Such tillage activates the grass in springtime to promote growth and make room for healthy grasses.

Front-mounted harrow

The Evers front harrow is often used in combination with an overseeder. The front harrow comes in various designs and can be combined with overseeders. A GPS speed sensor is optional.

Lift-mounted or trailed Grass Profi

The drawn or trailing Evers weeding harrow, together with the Evers overseeder and the Evers Grass Profi, combines four operations in one go: levelling, harrowing, sowing and rolling.

Such tillage removes unwanted grasses and pulls the thatch layer loose. This gives room to beneficial grasses to grow.

The Grass Profi promotes the growth of the existing sward, creates a seedbed for new grass seed, scatters the required amount of grass seed onto the soil, and activates soil life by means of the roller.

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