Save 240 kg of fertiliser per hectare with the right manure technology

23 May 2022

Fertiliser is extremely expensive and, in some cases, no longer available. With today's high fertiliser prices (KAS 27 N € 97.30 per 100 kg, 25 March 2022) it is very important to use the nutrients from the organic manure efficiently.

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Growing maize on ridges; what's keeping you from doing it?

3 January 2022

Maize is an important crop for livestock farming. Maize has stable and great nutritional values. This will stimulate the (milk) production and ultimately increase the operating results. The soil must perform at its best for maize cultivation to become future-proof. In other words, the soil is a star performer! To play as a star performer, the facilities and preconditions must be perfect. Grow the maize on ridges and allow for the soil to excel!

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The right soil cultivation makes all the difference

3 January 2022

As partner of Topmais*, Evers took part in maize cultivation trials on a demonstration plot in Kamperveen, the Netherlands. Several trials were held in 2021. All with the same maize variety, manuring and sowing time. The grass was cut prior to maize cultivation. Soil cultivation methods made a demonstrable difference. Can you spot the differences in the aerial photographs below?

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Three tips to get your grassland in top condition

14 July 2021

After a memorable snowfall at the beginning of February, spring was quick to make its appearance. The temperature began to rise rapidly, as did the accumulated temperatures. The ground is warming up and spring is ready to take off. This means it's time to take care of the grassland in order to lay the foundation for good quality roughage. The following three tips will get your grassland in top condition: Tip 1: Tip 1: Assess the grassland Growing high quality roughage starts with the basics, namely good and suitable quality grassland. Good grassland has balanced grass varieties and an ideal soil structure that is in optimal condition. To achieve that, good assessment is important:

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Improved Grassland aerator

8 June 2021

Innovative and efficient, the renewed Evers Grassland Aerator Evers Agro introduces the new and improved Evers Grassland Aerator. The Evers Grassland Aerator has been developed to eliminate superficial compaction and slaking in the top of the sward. A unique feature of the renewed version is the optional 3-point power lift and mountable 3-point linkage for the fixed-frame Grassland aerators.

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Quarter offers more versatility

4 June 2021

A new model Evers Quarter Strip-till Injector Innovations have made this injector more versatile and lighter The new model Evers Quarter Strip-till Slurry Injector is a further development of the existing Quarter. It is a precision strip-till injector which cultivates a row on uncultivated fields, eliminates soil compaction, injects slurry into the row and incorporates the slurry. With this done, the seedbed for maize or other crops is ready and can be sown in the cultivated row. The roots will develop close to the place where there is most nutrition, resulting in a much better

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A good base - an optimal harvest

1 April 2021

To achieve an optimal harvest, the soil must be vital. For a healthy soil, good nutrients, optimum moisture supply and the right cultivation are essential. The first key to bringing the soil into a vital condition is to remove any compaction and cultivate correctly. Any compacted layers in the soil impede root development and the capillary action of the soil. Under these conditions, the crop does not absorb all the necessary nutrients and moisture. Compaction can be eliminated by loosening or breaking up the soil. The vitality of the soil is thus retained. This also ensures:

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