New: Evers Toric XL 1200 slurry disc injector

22 July 2022

The successful series Evers Toric slurry disc injectors has been extended with the Toric XL, with working widths of 12 and 9 meters. The Toric XL slurry disc injector is characterized by effective slurry incorporation over large working widths.

The Toric XL has discs of Ø 41.5 cm. These discs open and prepare the soil surface to a working depth of 10 cm. Directly behind the first row of discs, the slurry is injected into the soil. The second row of discs ensures the incorporation of the slurry into the soil. By injecting slurry directly into the soil nitrogen losses are reduced and nutrient efficiency is increased.

The individual rubber suspended discs ensure that the disc injector optimally follows the ground contours. The disc spacing in the row is 25 cm. Due to the large working width, the machine has a high capacity.

Because of the intensive mixing action of the discs, the slurry disc injector is the perfect machine for fertilising, incorporation of crop residues and stubble cultivation in one pass. The Toric XL thus ensures reduced soil load and lower fuel consumption. The slurry disc injector can be used on a wide variety of soil types.

To ensure optimal depth control the slurry injector is equipped with both, support wheels and a rear roller. For a smooth and stable operation, the support wheels, as well as the trailing wheels, have hydraulic suspension. The Toric XL is robustly built. The 12-meter version can be folded into 5 parts and is fitted with a wheelset for transport and easy turning at the headlands.

Technical data

Measurements in cm

Type  Toric XL  72-900Toric XL 96-1200
Number of rows22
Number of discs7296
Disc diameterø 41,5ø  41,5
Number of outlets3648
Disc spacing2525
Working width9001200
Linkage towbarCat.3 (mounted)Cat.3 (trailed)
Transport width298298
Kg (with tube roller Ø 62 cm, 8 x 1½” in V-shape)530010.800*

* incl. wheelset and support wheels 

 Evers Toric XL 1200 slurry disc injector - slurry incorporation across a large working width
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