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To enable you to carry out deep and shallow cultivation in one pass, Evers offers various solutions by means of a pre-cultivator. It can be used as a separate, front mounted implement or behind the tractor. It is also possible to save passes, by combining the pre-cultivator, for instance, with a Vario-Disc harrow.

The disc harrow is a machine that only works the surface to a depth of around 12 cm. By using it in combination with a pre-cultivator, deeper cultivation can be carried out at the same time, without the need for a completely different machine.

Two operations in one pass

With the pre-cultivator it is possible both to break up tramlines and to carry out shallow surface cultivation. In combination with other machines, it is possible to prepare the field for sowing in just one pass.

Because of its short and compact design, you end up with a favourable installation length for combining work processes. For attaching the Evers Vario-Disc or another machine, the cultivator has a three-point linkage with coupling hooks at the rear. The unique design of the hitch makes it possible to continuously adjust the working depth of the cultivator, even on the move. This does not affect the depth setting of the combined machine. Because of its compact design, the pre-cultivator requires relatively little additional tractor and lifting power.

Various types of cultivator tines

The Evers pre-cultivators are available in various models:

  • with KG tine: This tine is specially designed for heavy soils with the blade-shaped wear parts ensuring that the machine pulls lightly and preventing coarse chunks of soil from being brought up.
  • with the straight MT tine that loosens the soil without mixing the soil layers.

    All the tines are equipped with high-quality, easily replaceable wear parts. The tines are made of high-grade steel as standard; tine bodies made entirely from Hardox, a wear- and bend-resistant material for the toughest conditions, are also available as an option. For use in heavy and stony conditions, the pre-cultivator is available with hydraulic stone protection.

    Pre-cultivators are available in the following standard versions:

    Pre-cultivator - Shear bolt protection

    Size in cm

    Type (*)No. of tinesWorking widthRowsTine spacingFrame heightMax. working depth
    Cat.Transport widthKg
    Breton 5-275527515559402226335
    Breton 6-300630015059402256355
    Breton 6-330633015559402281365
    Breton XL 5-275527515575603L226510
    Breton XL 5-300530016075603L246530

    * Optional: suitable for use in the front linkage

    Pre-cultivator - Hydraulic obstacle protection

    Size in cm

    Type (*)No. of tinesWorking widthRowsTine spacingFrame heightMax. working depth
    Cat.Transport widthKg
    Breton HS 5-275527515575603L250670
    Breton HS 5-300530016075603L275720
    Breton HS 6-330630015075603L285815

    * Optional: suitable for use in the front linkage

    Pre-cultivator with PTO shaft passage are available in various standard versions:

    Size in cm

    Type (**)No. of tinesWorking widthTine spacingFrame heightMax. working depth
    Cat.Transport widthKg
    Holsteiner 4-30043007575603L250665
    Holsteiner 6-30063005075603L275885
    Holsteiner 6-400640066,775603L3601020

    ** Optional: Hydraulic lifting device


    • working width: 2 - 4 metres.
    • tine spacing: 50 - 75 cm.
    • frame heights: 59 - 75 cm.
    • Available with various types and chisels
    • Free PTO passage in the frame for connecting up a power harrow, for instance.
    • support wheels
    • rear roller
    • leg stop block behind tine for slew limitation (recommended for use in combination with rotary harrow)
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