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Disc injectors

The Evers disc slurry injectors are based on years of further development of the Evers Vario-Disc harrows. The slurry disc injectors can be used on a wide variety of soil types. The injectors prepare the soil surface and incorporate the slurry to a depth of 10 to 12 cm. The disc slurry injector works best on uncultivated soil.

Because of the intensive mixing action of the discs, the slurry disc injector is the perfect machine for fertilising, incorporation of crop residues and stubble cultivation in one pass.

Slurry injection  

In combination with the injection unit, the following fertilisation technique is used: the discs work the soil surface with sward, stubble or crop residues. 

The manure is then injected 5 to 10 cm deep into the slots. The individual rubber suspended discs ensure that the disc injector optimally follows the ground contours. The optional rear roller levels the ground, closes it and thus guarantees optimum consolidation.

By injecting slurry directly into the soil nitrogen losses are reduced and nutrient efficiency is increased. The ammonia losses are significantly lower compared to other methods. Another positive aspect is the efficient use of nutrients, because the slurry is injected close to the roots of the plant.

Features of disc injectors

  • Solid construction, narrow transport width
  • Working widths: 3 to 12 metres.
  • Sturdy frame with good frame height -> guarantees good passage
  • The position and the shape of the discs guarantee optimum penetration
  • Comes with spreader as standard -> for an even slurry distribution along the full width of the machine
  • This disc slurry injector can also be used as a disc harrow directly behind the tractor. In this way it can be used as a stubble cultivation machine

    Available in various standard versions:

    Disc Injector with rubber suspension

    Size in cm

    TypeNo. of discsDisc diameterNo. of outlets
    Disc spacingWorking widthTransport width
    Kg (incl. rear roller)Kg (incl.   rear roller Ø62 cm)
    Toric 32-448
    32Ø51 162844828022902525
    Toric 36-50436Ø51 18285042802415 2805 
    Toric 44-61644Ø51 22286162802725 3250 
    Toric 48-67248Ø51

    Disc Injector with rubber suspension - XL version

    Size in cm

    TypeNumber of discsDisc diameterNumber of outletsDisc spacingWorking widthTransportwidthKg (with tube roller)
    Toric XL 72-90072Ø41,536259002985300
    Toric XL 96-120096Ø41,54825120029810.800*

    * incl. wheelset and support wheels

    Disc Injector with angle adjustment

    Size in cm

    TypeNo. of discsDisc diameterNo. of outletsDisc spacingWorking widthTransport width Kg (incl. rear roller Ø62 cm)
    Toric Vario 40-60

    Toric Vario 44-66244



    • angle adjustment of the discs for clog-free operation under difficult conditions
    • equipped with tube roller and/or support wheels for the correct depth adjustment
    • with pneumatic seed drill
    • with air separator and sectional shut-off
    • various coupling options
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