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Cutting rollers

The Evers machine with cutting rollers is most effective for maize stubble cultivation and to control the larvae of the corn stalk borer in an environmentally friendly manner. 

The remaining stalks are crushed with the use of this cutting roller for stubble cultivation. The specially developed roller splits the stubble and mixes it lightly into the top layer of the soil. As a result, the stalks no longer provide shelter for the maize stalk borer larvae and the decaying process of the organic material left behind is stimulated.

In addition to standard tillage of maize stubbles, the cutting rollers are also fit for other purposes, such as cutting up green manure and crushing remaining crop residues from cabbage, for example.

Maize stalk borer control

During tillage with the cutting rollers, all stubble remaining on the soil after harvesting maize is crushed across the full working width of the machine. In this process, the stubble is split and lightly mixed with the soil. The larvae of the maize stalk borer that normally survive in the stem have no protection left and cannot survive the winter. The two counter-rotating rollers (of different diameters: 38 + 51 cm) process the maize stubble in such a way that the process of decay and the decomposition of the stubble is started more quickly. The maize stalk borer is controlled in a very environmentally friendly way and the soil is tilled effectively.

Cutting up green manure  

In addition to standard cultivation of maize stubbles, the cutting rollers are also very suitable for cutting up green manure and remaining crop residues from cabbage, for example. The different diameters and the angle iron profiles ensure an even more aggressive treatment of the maize stubble.

Multiple operations in one pass

The machine can optionally be fitted with a three-point hitch for a combination machine. In this way, several operations can be carried out in one pass, for example, with the incorporation of a seed drill for sowing green manure. This option also contributes to constructive and efficient management.

Benefits of cutting rollers  

  • High working capacity because of the high processing speed
  • Effective and inexpensive stubble insect control
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Flexible in its use

    Available in various standard versions:

    Size in cm

    TypeWorking widthNo. of rollersDiameter rollerHP
    Hydr. folding frameCat.Transport widthKg
    SR-300300238 & 51100-150No2300600
    SR-500500238 & 38150-200Yes3L3001650
    SR-600600238 & 38160-220Yes3L3001830


    • with additional weights for more pressure on the ground
    • with mechanical power lift, so that the machine can be combined with another operation in the same pass
    • mudguards, suitable for front mounting
    • reflector panels with lighting
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