Grassland rollers

Evers grassland rollers are particularly suitable for grassland improvement. The unique Pictor rings, developed for grassland, activate the grass and thereby help tillering of the sward. These rollers also press down the grass seed that has freshly been resown or overseeded. That is to stimulate optimal growth and improve capillary action.

Rolling grassland

Following the process of overseeding, the grass seed must be firmly pressed down. The Evers Cambridge or Pictor roller is used to compress the grass seed. The rollers stimulate growth and tillering of existing grasses; they ensure that the top layer of the soil remains 'open' and that the soil is levelled.

Evers carries a wide range of rollers that can be made part of the machine or used on their own, depending on what is required and on the type of soil. From Pictor rollers to Cambridge rollers, a suitable solution for everyone.

The rollers can be perfectly combined with an integrated seed drill and/or an Evers front harrow. When the rollers are built into the overseeder, they make sure that the seed is properly pressed down after sowing to promote optimal growth. It improves capillary action and prevents any unwanted evaporation. All rollers have optimal weight distribution thanks to the standard Automatic Weight Levelling (AWL) system.

Despite their large working width, they are also compact in size and safely mounted for transport.

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