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Seedbed combination

With an Evers seedbed combination, the soil is crumbled, loosened, levelled and reconsolidated in the best possible to create an ideal soil base for sowing or planting.

The spring tines finely crumble coarse clods which are then consolidated by the rear roller. Evers offers both a front-mounted and a normal version. The Evers seedbed cultivator enables you to do the work in one less pass, which is beneficial to the soil and to the wallet.

Seedbed combination, front-mounted

The Evers (Konik) seedbed combination is available as follows:

  • front-mounted
  • standard 3 rows of spring tines, 45 x 12 mm
  • extra auxiliary spring
  • optionally available with fixed tines and goosefeet.
  • comes standard with flange plates

    An advantage of the front version is that the weight of the machines is evenly distributed on the tractor. This means that the seedbed cultivator serves as a front weight during transport. 

    Available with various roller types:

    • Tube roller, Ø45 cm with 8 x 1¼ V-shaped tubes
    • V-profile roller, Ø62 cm, optimal crumbling and consolidation by wedge-shaped rings
    • Orion roller, available in two diameters, Ø47 cm and Ø59 cm, made of cast steel
    • Pictor roller, made of cast steel. This roller has two different diameter rings (56 and 62 cm). As a result, this roller is self-cleaning.
    • working widths: available in 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 metres
    • available in: rigid frame or foldable into three sections

      The Konik with two rollers is only available with Orion rollers as standard. Other combinations on request.

      Standard front versions:

      Size in cm

      Type  No. of tinesWorking widthTine spacingMax. working depth
      Cat.Hydr. folding frameTransport widthKg (incl. rear roller
      Konik 20-3002030015102No3001175 
      Konik 30-4503045015103LYes3002070
      Konik 40-6004060015103LYes3002500 

      Seedbed combination, front-mounted

      The Evers Albino seedbed combination is the version that makes use of the normal 3-point linkage of the tractor. The Albino has the following features:

      • standard straight spring tines (45 x 12 mm)
      • height-adjustable tines by means of spindle adjustment.
      • optionally available with fixed tines and goosefeet
      • standard hight adjustable side plates for a perfect connection
      • comes standard with Ø 450 mm tube roller.
      • several types of crumbling rollers possible
      • is available with hydraulic linkage as an option, which makes it the ideal pre-cultivator to take some of the burden off the power harrow, for example.
      • optionally available with levelling board
      • workings widths 3 and 4 m.
      • available with tube roller, V-profile roller, Orion roller and Pictor roller

        Standard versions in the power lift:

        Size in cm

        TypeNo. of tinesWorking widthTine spacingMax. working depth
        Cat.Hydr. folding frameTransport widthKg (incl. rear roller
        Ø47 cm)
        Albino 20-3002030015102Nee3001370 
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