Overseeding - rejuvenating grassland

It is important to keep the sward in a healthy and good condition. Drought, wet patches, continuous low mowing (which prevents desirable grasses from producing seed), weeds, development of unwanted grasses and the frequent use of heavy machinery may all contribute to sward deterioration. A damaged grass sward gives room for unwanted grasses and weeds, which may considerably reduce the yield and nutritional value of the grassland. A fresh and well-maintained sward will keep your grassland in good condition and productive.

Overseeding grassland

Regularly overseeding grassland helps to maintain a quality sward. Grass seed suppliers recommend 7 to 20 kg of grass seed per hectare annually, with overseeding preferably taking place in late summer.

Evers grass seed drill or overseeder

The Evers grass seeder or overseeder harrows, levels, sows and rolls the grassland. These four operations in one pass make it possible to efficiently maintain the grassland. The machine removes unwanted grasses, loosens the thatch layer, and spreads quality grass seed onto the sward. The roller then presses down the seed and activates soil life to create a good starting point for the new grass to grow and thus to rejuvenate the grassland.

The levelling board, harrow tines, seeder and roller can also be used independently.

As well as maintaining quality grass in the field, farmers are advised to regularly remove superficial and deeper soil compactions. The Evers grassland subsoiler and grassland aerator take sufficient care of the subsoil and make sure that the soil below the sward can adequately drain any excess rainwater. At the same time, they allow roots to sufficiently "breathe" and develop.

Front-mounted harrow

The Evers front harrow is often used in combination with an overseeder.

The machines come in various models and can be fitted with a number of optional extras, such as seed drills, GPS speed sensors and levelling bars. The front harrow combines levelling and harrowing in one go.

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