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Strip-till application in untilled fields

The Evers Strip-till slurry injector is a precision machine that applies slurry and incorporates it directly between rows on unploughed fields. By sowing later, the roots will develop close to where the most nutrition is, resulting in much a better use of nutrients.

Because of regulations and tighter application standards maximum utilisation of minerals must be achieved To achieve the best possible yield, it is essential that the slurry is applied where it is most needed. Injecting slurry in the rows results in higher utilization efficiency, as the nutrients in the manure and seed are brought closer together in the soil. As a result, the young plants can take up the nutrients more quickly..

Benefits of strip-till application

  • Optimum utilisation of slurry nutrients
  • If the soil condition is good, no additional fertilization is needed
  • This means that with lower phosphate application standards, it is possible to grow a good crop with an excellent yield
  • No loss of capacity while injecting and sowing
  • Better water management
  • Prevention of erosion
  • Retention of structure and bearing capacity of the soil

    With the ploughless tillage as carried out by the Evers Quarter model strip-till injector you can save one work pass in the tillage. The grass sward remains largely intact during cultivation, reducing weed pressure and allowing the crops to utilise the slurry in the best possible way. What's more, soil life remains unimpaired and the load bearing capacity of the soil is maintained in autumn and spring.

    Available in various versions:

    Size in cm

    TypeNo. of elementsWorking widthRow/element distance Transport widthKg (incl. support wheels)
    Quarter 6-4506450752952700
    Quarter 8-6008600752953125
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