Stubble cultivation

Proper stubble cultivation accelerates decomposition of the stubble, keeping the soil healthy and fertile. The incorporated stubble promotes the organic matter content of the soil. And sufficient organic matter is crucial for maintaining a healthy, fertile soil.

Stubble cultivation with the Evers disc harrow or Evers cultivator

Various studies have shown that crop residues and green manure are beneficial to soil life and soil structure. Incorporate the stubble or green manure evenly. In this way, the organic matter is best incorporated into the soil, which is important for following crops, tillage and the retention of water and nutrients.

Whether the stubble has been properly tilled can be determined from the soil. Proper stubble cultivation should loosen and cut the stubble, after which the residues are mixed with the subsoil across the full width. Evers carries a variety of disc harrows and stubble cultivators to be used for cutting up the stubble and properly incorporating the crop residues.

Advantages of stubble cultivation using Evers machines:

Stubble cultivation results in more oxygen entering the soil, maintaining the organic matter content, and inhibiting weed growth.

Evers Vario-disc harrow

The Vario-Disc harrow is available with two and four rows of discs. The four-row disc harrow has the advantage of more space in the frame and even more intensive cultivation taking place. The disc harrows are available in a heavy-duty version. The roller or rear roller can be adjusted to suit the circumstances.

Evers stubble cultivator

The spring-tine stubble cultivator is fitted with the special stubble chisel, which cuts through the stubble and pulls it out. The earthing discs create a smooth tilth of the cultivated soil. As with the disc harrow, the roller can be adjusted to suit any specific requirements.

Evers cutting roller

The Evers Furioso cutting roller cuts crop residues using two sharp rollers for the best results in controlling e.g. the maize stalk borer. The crop residues are then easier to mix in the topsoil layer.

Evers disc injector

The Evers Toric disc injector combines stubble cultivation with full-width slurry application. This combination can be fitted with a seed drill, if so required, so that fertilising, stubble cultivation and green manure sowing can be done in one go.

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