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Pneumatic seed drill

The P-Box-STI can be mounted on any machine. All small seeds and seed mixtures can be sown from ± 1 kg/ha. The seeds are blown through the hoses and against the deflector plates. These deflector plates distribute the seeds precisely over the entire working width.

The P-Box-STI sows at a constant seeding rate by automatically adjusting to the working speed. This is done by means of a wheel sensor, GPS sensor, radar sensor or via the tractor's 7-pin signal plug. The P-Box-STI is fully electronically controlled. The sowing shaft is driven by an electric motor, which in turn is connected to various sensors and the Speedtronic controller. This system ensures a very accurate seed rate, independent of the speed. The P-Box-STI is equipped with a Speedtronic control system. This seed drill also comes standard with a sowing shaft with fine and coarse options. 

Pneumatical Seed drill - P-Box-STI

Size in cm

TypeWorking widthContents (L)Drive seeding rollerVentilator driveNo. of outletsKg
P-Box-STI-300up to 600300ElectricDouble electric fan 12V890
P-Box-STI -500up to 600500ElectricDouble electric fan 12V8105

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