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Grass Profi overseeder

The Evers Grass Profi is a grassland maintenance machine or grassland overseeder, which can be used to level, overseed and roll all at once. 

The carried version of the Grass Profi has a working width of 3 metres. The trailing version has a working width of 6.20 metres.

Sward cultivation with the Evers overseeder

The Evers overseeder can be used to perform all essential sward jobs in one go:

  • levelling: the levelling bar levels uneven areas in the field, such as molehills
  • weeding harrows: robust harrowing tines remove weeds and superficially rooting unwanted grasses. The aggressiveness of the harrow tines is continuously variable
  • overseeding: the mounted seeder drill sows and distributes grass seed accurately. Sow the right amount of young quality grasses into the sward to ensure that it remains in top condition
  • rolling: rear rollers compress the grass seed for rapid and successful germination. Rolling also activates soil life and promotes the tillering of existing grasses.

    Available in various standard version:

    Grass Profi - Mounted

    Size in cm

    Type rear roller
    Diameter rollerWorking witdhHPHydr. folding frameTransport widthSeed drillsKg (without seed drill)
    Grass Profi C300-53Cambridge
    53300>90No300Mechanical or
    Grass Profi P300-44/49Pictor
    44/49300>100No300Mechanical or

    Grass Profi - Trailed

    Size in cm

    TypeType rear roller
    Diameter roller
    Working widthHPHydr. folding frameTransport widthSeed drillsKg (without seed drill)
    Grass Profi C620-62Cambridge
    Grass Profi P620-44/49
    Grass Profi P620-56/62Pictor


    • levelling bar
    • mudguards over the rollers
    • reflector panels with lighting
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