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Rear rollers

No soil is the same. Depending on the soil type and the working method, Evers always offers the perfect rear roller. 

It is possible to adjust the working depth of the tillage machine very precisely by means of the rear roller. In addition, the rear roller is used to compact, level and crumble the soil. Use of the different types of rear rollers helps promote water absorption and contribute to improving the oxygen content of the soil. This will prevent soil erosion and improve soil quality 

Configure your Evers machine with a matching rear roller. This roller is also available with three-point linkage, as an option.

Tube rollers:

  • good crumbling of light and medium-heavy soils
  • high carrying capacity for light and medium-heavy soils
  • accurate levelling and good consolidation of light soil types
  • V-shape

    Orion rollers:

    • good crumbling of light and heavy soils
    • intensive levelling across the entire working width on heavy soils
    • excellent consolidation, without leaving an excessively fine surface behind

      Cambridge rollers:

      • breaks up clods and crusting and ensures an even emergence of the coming crop
      • finer tilth in light and heavy soils
      • excellent consolidation, creates a finely crumbled surface
      • cultivating with the Cambridge roller improves the capillary action

        Pictor rollers:

        • even consolidation
        • self-cleaning thanks to the use of two different ring sizes
        • particularly suitable for grassland rolling

          V-profile rollers:

          • optimal consolidation of medium-heavy to heavy soils
          • the ring distance of 12.5 cm creates an excellent structure for a seedbed
          • machine stays perfectly in the track behind the tractor, even on slopes.

            Saturnus rollers:

            • for use in wet conditions and on heavy and stony ground
            • even crumbling effect across the entire working width
            • machine stays perfectly in the track behind the tractor, even on slopes

              Packer rollers:

              • particularly suitable for compression and stabilisation of the soil
              • the tapered point in the ring ensures that the seedbed is also consolidated at a deeper level
              • available with smooth and toothed packer roller rings

                Crosskill rollers:

                • suitable for light to medium-heavy soils, superficial tillage
                • Crosskill rollers have lower points, which means they consolidate across the whole surface rather than crush the clods
                • desirable in the case of sandy soil, where the clods break more easily
                • also ideal for use with a packer roller
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