Full-width application

Fixed tines, spring tines or discs take directly care of proper and even incorporation into the soil during slurry application. Ammonia emission is therefore kept to an absolute minimum. The working depth is adjustable by way of support wheels or the rear roller. The roller levels and closes the soil, which helps to further reduce ammonia emission and to immediately prepare a seedbed.

The right injector for every type of soil

Evers offers a suitable arable injector for any type of soil and in any situation. Soil type, slurry application technique and application rate determine the requirements, functionality, and the model of the injector. Our product range carries a number of arable injector models for full-width slurry application:

Fixed or spring tine injectors

These arable injectors are of compact design. The compact construction keeps the centre of gravity close to the tanker or self-propelled vehicle and prevents it from swinging out during transport. Using various types of tines, this slurry injector is very versatile and ideally suited for all types of soil.

Choose a fixed-tine or spring-tine injector with various working widths. The injectors come with two or three rows of tines. Either support wheels or a rear roller can be used for depth adjustment. Several types of rollers are available, depending on soil type and required cultivation. Evers also carries a unique injector that can be used for both full-width and strip-till fertilisation.

Slurry disc harrows

These injectors use the tried and tested slotting process, in which the first row of discs breaks through the soil. Slurry application may occur either before or after the first disc, as required. The second row of discs is used to mix the soil and slurry, after which the mixture is covered with soil. The separately suspended discs make the disc injector very flexible for different types of soil. The disc injector is optionally available with the unique Evers angle adjustment of the discs.

Stubble cultivation

The disc injector is ideal for treating stubbles and applying slurry in one go. As an optional extra, this operation can be combined with sowing green manure. In addition, the disc injector is ideal for breaking up the sward.

Compact construction

Due to its compact construction, the injector is positioned close behind the tanker or self-propelled vehicle. Plenty of space has been created between the tines to prevent any blockage. A three-bar injector has more space in the frame. Logically, the weight lies further back, however.

The design takes the use of the soil into account since all different seeds require their own specific seedbeds. In this way, the operation becomes economically and ecologically sustainable.

For optimal yields under today's strict application standards, it is essential for slurry to be applied in places where the plant needs the nutrition. Consequently, the slurry is to be used as efficiently as possible.

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