Compressing the soil

To prevent drift and dehydration, it is essential to consolidate the soil following cultivation and to limit the process of drying out. Seeds will germinate better through firm contact in and with the soil. Rollers are therefore an indispensable part of soil cultivation. Evers carries a wide range of rear rollers and consolidation rollers. The right roller for every type of soil.

Solutions for soil consolidation:

Rear rollers


Evers rollers create an even seedbed on light as well as on heavy types of soil. The rollers improve growth and tillering of grass and crops. Rolling will crush any clods and break any crusts. This guarantees an even emergence of the coming crop. At the same time, the capillary action of the soil is improved, and unwanted evaporation of moisture from the uppermost soil layer is reduced.


We carry a wide range of packers in various designs:

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