Aerating grassland

Grassland is often subjected to very intensive use. Intensive grazing, heavy rainfall or driving with (heavy) machinery on grassland may cause compaction and slaking in the top of the sward. Aerating the sward is essential to prevent any detrimental effects on the growth and the quality of the grass.

Using the grassland aerator to break up compactions

The Evers grassland aerator effortlessly removes compactions in the soil structure down to 18.5 cm. In that way, the grassland aerator gives better aeration and permeability of the sward. This has a beneficial effect on the water-storage capacity of the sward. Water drains off faster through the top layer and extra oxygen can reach the root area. More oxygen is essential for proper growth, better quality, and a higher grass yield. The Evers grassland subsoiler is used to remove deeper soil compactions.

Aerating grassland without causing damage

The Evers grassland aerator contains 24 knives per meter and has a maximum working depth of 18.5 cm. The hardened blades with sharp cutting edges both at the front and at the back are designed in a way so as not to damage the sward. The blades can also be mounted under an angle for an even more intensive effect.

Skid protected

The skids below the flange bearings of the Evers grassland aerators do not only protect the flange bearings, but they also limit the maximum working depth and prevent damage to the sward. They are integrated in the frame and are made of high-quality steel. We will be happy to advise on selecting the right grassland aerator, specifically tailored to the requirements of our customers.

More weight – deeper tillage

For better penetration into hard and dry soil, the weight of the grassland aerator can be increased for excellent results, even under difficult circumstances. The weights are made of concrete or steel, both weighing 100 kg each.

Working width

The grassland aerator comes in working widths from 2 to 8 metres. The aerator can be fitted with a wheel set for the larger working widths.

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