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Grassland subsoiler

The grassland subsoiler removes soil compactions and pans, so that the crop roots are better able to reach water in the soil. The soil is more suitable for developing roots, while it allows rainwater to easily seep into the soil during springtime and autumn.

Improved permeability and water retention 

The unique design of the tines/legs of the grassland subsoiler prevents the mixing of upper and lower layers of soil. The 6 or 25 cm wide chisel/point attached to the tine loosens the soil by breaking up the compaction. After cultivation, the soil will soon return to the state where it can absorb a sufficient amount of water, while its permeability has been improved. Subsoiling has a positive effect on the oxygen content of the soil. Higher oxygen concentration makes for better root development and consequently improves the plants' ability to absorb water and nutrients.

Evers Grassland subsoiler

Reconsolidation with Orion rollers

The disc running in front of the tine makes a narrow cut in the sward, after which the tines/legs and the attached chisels/points can do their work. The grassland subsoilers come standard with an Orion roller segment behind each tine. The Orion roller closes the slot and makes sure that the sward is properly sealed. The working depth can also be adjusted via the roller (from 15 to 40 cm at the most).

Overload protection 

In the standard version, a shear-bolt device protects the tines from overloading and damage as a result of stones. For use in soil containing many stones and obstacles, a hydraulic obstacle protection is available as an optional extra. Thanks to this effective protection, the grassland subsoiler works also in stony soils.

The grassland subsoiler:

  • The spring-loaded cutting disc is height-adjustable by way of spindle adjustment. Cutting the sward prevents damage when loosening the subsoil
  • Comes standard with shearing bolt protection for each tine/leg, optionally also with hydraulic obstacle protection
  • The subsoiler tine is made entirely of Hardox material and fitted with a reversible and exchangeable wearing blade that also prevents soil layers from being mixed. The interchangeable chisels are either 6 or 25 cm long.
  • Individually sprung, heavy-duty cast steel rollers are reconsolidating the loosened soil and leaving a flat surface. This unique system ensures optimal power transmission to prevent wheel slip
  • Easy working depth adjustment by means of pin/hole system for each roller segment. The 12-fold adjustable spring load puts maximum pressure on the roller for the best possible compaction of the sward.
  • The tines/legs of the 3-tine model are arranged in a V-shape, those of the 5- and 7-tine model in a W-shape. This guarantees hassle-free work on heavy soil and proper passage in the frame, even in dry conditions.
  • Evers carries a grassland subsoiler with a variable tine spacing of 75 to 90 cm for cultivating the soil between maize stubble rows. This grassland subsoiler removes structural damage without causing damage to the catch crop. At the same time, the sward remains intact.

    Available in various standard versions:

    Size in cm

    Type        No. of tines/legsWorking widthTine spacingMax. working depthHPCat.Hydr. folding frameTransport widthKg
    WBG 3-27032709045>903LNo2501015 
    WBG 5-30053006045>1203LNo2901280 
    WBG 5-45054509045>1703LYes3001815 
    WBG 7-52575257545>1903Yes3002780
    WBG HS 3-27032709045>1103LNo2501250
    WBG HS 5-30053006045>1503LNo3001980
    WBG HS 5-45054509045>1703LYes3002875
    WBG HS 7-52575257545>1903Yes3003210
    WBG HS 7-63076309045>2103Yes3003315

    HS versions are provided with hydraulic obstacle protection


    • chisel/point widths: 6 or 25 cm
    • reflector panels with lighting
    • hydraulic obstacle protection system
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