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Seedbed preparers

The Evers seedbed preparation machines prepare an even, high-quality seedbed with the right depth in one pass. The Konik+ and Albino+ prepare the soil intensively over the full working width, whereby the depth can be accurately adjusted. The seedbed is completely loosened, optimally crumbled, perfectly levelled and well consolidated for an optimal capillary action of the soil. An ideal seedbed for precise sowing or planting for good germination and growth of the crop.

High-quality seedbed preparation with the right depth in one pass

The combination of seedbed preparers consists of a Konik+ (front model), a Compact roller (intermediate roller) and an Albino+ (in the rear linkage). The tine frame and the rollers consist of one piece, three metres wide, to create a completely flat seedbed. The two rows of fixed tines are standard equipped with goose feet, which overlap broadly and work the soil over the full working width. The tine frame is mounted in a parallelogram and by means of a spindle the working depth can be easily adjusted. The seedbed preparation machines are fitted with guideboards as standard. A Compact roller has been developed to press the soil over the full width. This roller reduces the ground pressure of the tractor tyres. 

The three machines can be combined for maximum seedbed preparation in one pass.

  • Konik+ = mounting at the front
    • Optional clod breaker > tube roller > two rows of rigid tines > angle iron roller > levelling bar
  • Compact roller
    • Pressure is hydraulically adjustable
    • Mounting size 60 cm with PTO channel
    • 5 tyres 23/10.5-12
  • Albino+ = in the rear linkage
    • Flat iron crumble roller > levelling bar > two rows of rigid tines > flat iron crumble roller > levelling bar > Crosskill roller > optional seed harrow tines
  • Standard tine
    • Rigid tine with 25 cm wing point 
  • Linkage Cat. 3L
  • Seedbed preparer are standard delivered with:: 
    • Tube roller Ø 45 cm 6x1½ in V-formation
    • Angle iron roller, stepwise Ø 45 cm
    • Flat iron crumble roller Ø 30 cm
    • Crosskill roller Ø 44 cm

Available in various standard versions

Size in cm

Type   No. of tinesNo. of tyresWorking widthTine spacingMax. working depthTransport widthKg 
Konik+ 15-3001530020103001290
Compact roller 5-142 5142  150585
Albino+ 15-3001530020103001860


  • Konik+ and Albino+ are optionally available with spring tines and 5 cm chisels
  • Clod breaker for Konik+ 15-300
  • Seed harrow tines for Albino+ 15-300
  • Warning panels with Led lighting 
  • Other rollers in the seedbed preparers 
  • Other tyres/rings in the Compact roller 
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