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Combi single disc seeder

The single disc seeder is developed for overseeding grassland and seeding cropland. Grassland overseeding improves grass varieties, reduces hollows and provides quality and yield improvements.

The large V-shaped cutting discs make a slit in the soil and rotate under all conditions. A specially developed ''pressure system'' allows the combi-seeder to make a slit even in hard soils. Thanks to the large cutting discs, the combi seeder is also well suited to use on arable land for sowing new (cover) crops. The seed always gets into the soil. The distributor’s heads distribute the seed over the sowing elements and the seed is deposited directly behind the discs, via the outlets in the slit. The Pictor roller ensures a good reconsolidation of the seed with the soil and closes the slit, which is important for good, fast and even germination.

  • Working depth 0,5 to 6 cm                                                   
  • 32 discs & outlets                                                                                                                        
  • 8,9 cm disc spacing                                                                                                                     
  • Unique weight transfer from tractor to machine
  • Standard with Stocks Turbo Jet pneumatic seeder with seeding computer
  • Seed hopper 240 litre
  • Speed-dependent application rate
  • Easy operation with touchscreen colour display
  • Maintenance-friendly machine
  • Rear roller: Pictor roller Ø 44/49 cm
  • Linkage Cat. 3L
  • Standard provided with warning panels with LED lighting (rear)

Combi single disc seeder

Size in cm

TypeNo. of discsNo. of outletsDisc spacingWorking widthHPTransport widthKg
Dartmoor GZ-28532328.9285>1002982300
Dartmoor GZ-30032329.4300>1003152350

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