Levelling - crumbling - consolidation

Depending on the soil type and condition, the Evers rear rollers are used for levelling, crumbling, or consolidating the soil. Evers carries a wide range of rollers, from the popular tube roller to the in-house developed Saturn roller. The latter is designed for use in wet conditions and on stony soil. As well as consolidating, levelling, and crumbling the soil, trailing rollers stimulate water absorption and help to improve the oxygen level in the soil. This prevents erosion and improves soil quality.

The right roller for any application

The right cultivation is essential as soil conditions can be very diverse. Evers carries a wide range of trailing rollers. These rollers create an even seedbed on light as well as on heavy soils. The rollers improve growth and tillering of grass and crops.

Rolling will crush any clods and break any crusts. This guarantees an even emergence of the coming crop. At the same time, the capillary action of the soil is improved, and unwanted evaporation of moisture from the uppermost soil layer is reduced.

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