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Evers front harrow

The front harrow allows for two operations to be carried out at once: levelling and harrowing. The levelling bar levels the soil, while the two rows of heavy-duty harrow tines work intensively on the sward.

Grassland weeding harrow: levelling and harrowing in one pass.

The levelling bar of the front-harrow levels molehills. The intensive cultivation of the sward with the heavy-duty harrow tines results in:

  • removing weeds
  • combing out dead grass
  • activating soil life
  • removing the thatch layer from the sward
  • enhancing the growth of the existing sward
  • preparation of overseeding
  • in combination with an overseeder, overseeding can be done in one go.

The models GPG-250 and GPG-300  have a mountable three-point linkage. The advantage of this is that the weeding harrow can be mounted both in front and behind the tractor. This makes the weeding harrrow more user-friendly and efficient. In addition, the machine is easy to convert.

    Available in various standard versions:

    Size in cm

    TypeNo. of tinesWorking widthHPHydr. folding frame
    No. of front wheelsTransport widthKg


    • the front harrow can be used both with and without a levelling bar
    • dual three-point linkage
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