Slurry injection

Direct and professional injection of slurry limits the release of unpleasant smells and prevents ammonia emission. Injection promotes availability of nutrients for the plant and a better nutrients uptake by the roots.

Evers has been developing, producing, and supplying robust slurry injectors used in crop farming for over 25 years. With many years of experience, we learned all about soil requirements to supply machines for any type of soil and soil cultivation. We supply full-width injectors and precision injectors, as well as injectors that can be used for both full-width and strip-till application.

Choosing the right slurry injector

The choice for the most suitable slurry injector depends on the following factors:

Save one full pass by incorporating the slurry directly during the application.

Advantages of a professional application technique:

Evers supplies the following professional slurry injectors:

Slurry application technique is developing rapidly. Quality injectors provide optimal distribution, an adjustable amount of slurry to be applied, the desired tillage, and can - depending on requirements - apply the slurry in full width or between rows. Evers slurry injectors can be fitted with a GPS positioning device.

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