New: 9-meter Evers disc cultivator injector

12 March 2024

Evers expands its successful range of Toric disc cultivator injectors with a new type, the Toric XL. The Toric XL is a robust injector that is perfectly suited for use with self-propelled machines. With a working width of up to 9 metres, the Toric XL guarantees high capacity. The injector is 3-part folding, has a working width of up to 9 metres and a transport width of 3 metres. In addition, the discs are fitted symmetrically in the machine, making the new Toric XL future-proof.

The Toric XL is available in working widths of 7,80, 8,40 and 9 meters. For working at these wide working widths, the Toric XL is equipped with an active hydraulic ground adaptation. This makes the pressure of the side fields adjustable, ensuring excellent contour following. The disc cultivator injector is perfect for fertilising and simultaneously incorporating green manure and/or crop residues.

The Toric XL is characterised by its compact construction without electronic controls. The pivot points of its side fields are cleverly positioned in the robust frame. As a result, the Toric XL, has a transport width of 300 cm and a machine height of 385 cm. In addition, the disc suspension ensures that the Toric XL is a relatively light disc injector and keeps the power requirement down. Including two double support wheels and a tube roller Ø62 cm, the Toric XL 60-900 weighs 5450 kg. These features make the Toric XL the perfect machine for the most challenging circumstances.

The Toric XL features serrated discs of Ø 51 cm, mounted in maintenance-free bearings. The discs open and work the soil to a depth of 12 cm. The rubber-suspended discs ensure excellent contour following. The discs are fitted symmetrically in the frame. With this, the machine always pulls straight behind the slurry tanker or self-propelled machine.

The disc elements are fitted with double arms, connected at the top. Each disc is individually mounted. Due to the arm connection at the top, there is plenty of free space between the discs. This, combined with optimum positioning of the first- and second-disc rows, ensures clog-free operation.

The slurry is injected into the soil directly behind the first row of discs. The second row of discs ensures proper incorporation. Injecting the slurry directly into the soil increases the efficiency of nutrient uptake and reduces odour and nitrogen loss. The disc cultivator-injector can be used on a wide variety of soil types.

The disc cultivator injector can optionally be equipped with a seeder to sow a cover crop in one pass.

Technical specifications

TypeToric XL 60-900
Working width900 cm
Number of disc rows2
Number of discs60
Number of outlets30
Disc spacing30 cm
Transport width300 cm
Rear rollerTube roller Ø 62 cm, 8 x 1½” in V-Formation    
Weight with tube roller and double support wheels5450 kg

Read more about the Evers disc cultivator injectors on the product page.

Evers Disc cultivator injector Toric XL
Evers Disc cultivator injector Toric XL
Evers Disc cultivator injector Toric XL
Evers Disc cultivator injector Toric XL
Evers Disc cultivator injector Toric XL
New: 9-meter Evers disc cultivator injector
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