Improved Grassland aerator

8 June 2021

Innovative and efficient, the renewed Evers Grassland Aerator

Evers Agro introduces the new and improved Evers Grassland Aerator. The Evers Grassland Aerator has been developed to eliminate superficial compaction and slaking in the top of the sward. A unique feature of the renewed version is the optional 3-point power lift and mountable 3-point linkage for the fixed-frame Grassland aerators.

The innovative addition of the optional 3-point power lift provides the possibility of combining the Grassland Aerator with an additional operation. This makes it easy, for example, to hitch an Evers Pictor grassland roller with a pneumatic seed drill. This makes it possible to include an extra operation in one pass. And fewer passes reduces mechanical soil compaction. When combined with the mountable 3-point linkage, the Grassland aerator is a versatile machine. The development of a mountable 3-point linkage makes it possible to mount the Grassland aerator in both the rear and front linkage. Efficient use of man and machines for sustainable land use.

The renewed Evers Grassland aerators will continue to be equipped with the proven aeration blades. The blades aerate the sward to a maximum working depth of 18.5 centimetres. The Grassland aerators have 24 blades per metre. Each rotor is fitted with four hardened and wear-resistant blades with a cutting edge at the front and back. The double cutting edge and skids limiting the working depth prevent damage to the sward.

Sustainable soil use is a much discussed topic internationally at the moment. Aeration of the valuable sward gives it better permeability with regard to water and air. The water-storage capacity of the soil increases and more oxygen reaches the roots. Essential for optimal grass growth and good quality roughage. Aeration of the grassland is an effective and simple process for eliminating surface compaction and slaking. Problems caused by intensive grazing, damage from geese and mice and extreme rainfall can be eliminated by aerating the sward!

Evers Grassland Aerator
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