A good base - an optimal harvest

1 April 2021

To achieve an optimal harvest, the soil must be vital. For a healthy soil, good nutrients, optimum moisture supply and the right cultivation are essential.

The first key to bringing the soil into a vital condition is to remove any compaction and cultivate correctly. Any compacted layers in the soil impede root development and the capillary action of the soil. Under these conditions, the crop does not absorb all the necessary nutrients and moisture. Compaction can be eliminated by loosening or breaking up the soil. The vitality of the soil is thus retained. This also ensures:

  • Good bearing capacity of the soil
  • Good water-storage capacity
  • Oxygen in the soil

Another key to an optimal harvest is a suitable seedbed, which ensures an even and rapid emergence of the crops. Only with the right seed bed quality can good germination be achieved. The most important characteristics of a good seedbed are:

  • A good structure that prevents crusting and erosion
  • Prevention of evaporation which causes the seedbed to dry out
  • Good capillary action for germination
  • Flat top layer and even seed bed for an even emergence
  • Promotion of root development

The ideal seed bed has coarser soil particles (including organic matter) from the top (top layer), which protects against crusting. This is followed by a layer of fine soil particles with a 'firm' base in which the seed can germinate.

A seed bed with too little 'firm' subsoil means that the soil is too loose. This can lead to poor capillary action because the pores are too large. The soil around the seed becomes too dry, which inhibits germination. A seed bed with too much compacted soil, on the other hand, causes the pores to be too compressed. Excess water prevents the transport of oxygen. The result is an oxygen deficiency which can lead to the asphyxiation of the crop.

Optimally compacted soil ensures an adequate supply of moisture, nutrients and oxygen. This enables fast and even germination. However, no two soils are the same. A suitable machine for seedbed preparation which uses the right intensity to prepare the optimal seedbed is of great importance. With a wide range of trailed rollers for optimal compaction, a suitable combination can be put together for every type of soil.

Evers offers a very extensive range of cultivators, subsoilers and slurry injectors and has the perfect solution for your specific circumstances.

Evers machines for a healthy, vital soil : eliminate compaction and seeded preparation
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