NEXAT opts for Evers Agro’s disc-cultivator injector

25 April 2024

Slurry incorporation with NEXAT and Evers Agro Toric NX 1400

The cooperation between NEXAT and Evers has resulted in an effective slurry injection combination with high capacity for large fields.

In this configuration, The NEXAT carrier vehicle is fitted with a Wienhoff slurry tanker and Evers Agro Toric NX 1400 disc-cultivator injector. This combination, developed by progressive and innovative manufacturers, offers effective slurry incorporation for professional farmers in large areas. For this cooperation, Evers has further developed the successful Evers Toric disc-cultivator injector to a working width of 14 metres, for precise slurry injection into the soil within the NEXAT concept. The Evers Toric disc-cultivator injector offers tillage and slurry injection in one pass, which is important for sustainable soil management and optimal plant growth within the WS-CTF (Widespan Controlled Traffic Farming) system.

Innovation, perfection and high capacity characterise this successful cooperation. The compact and robust construction of the Evers Toric NX 1400 disc-cultivator injector allows optimal operation with the NEXAT-carrier vehicle and Wienhoff slurry tanker. The disc-cultivator injector is ideal for fertilising and simultaneously incorporating green manure and/or crop residues and seedbed preparation on large areas.

With the smart arrangement and suspension of the discs, optimum soil flow through the disc-cultivator injector has been achieved. The discs of Ø 51 cm are mounted on maintenance-free bearings. The discs open and work the soil to a depth of 12 cm. The disc elements are mounted with leaf springs for excellent contour following. The elements are mounted symmetrically for optimum processing of the soil within the tracks. The side discs thereby ensure that the NEXAT tracks remain in perfect condition.

For working at 14 m working width, the Toric NX1400 is equipped with hydraulic ground adaptation. The two Alrena Exact dividers provide sufficient capacity and ensure accurate slurry distribution. Through an optimally positioned hose guide, the slurry reaches the first row of discs. The slurry outlets inject the slurry into the soil directly behind the first row of discs. The second row of discs ensures proper incorporation. Injecting slurry directly into the soil increases nutrient efficacy and reduces odour and fertiliser loss. Finally, a large tube roller in a V-shape ensures depth control, levelling and optimum consolidation of the soil.

The NEXAT, Evers and Wienhoff machines are optimally compatible with sophisticated software fitting within the NEXAT WS-CTF system. This NEXAT, Wienhoff and Evers combination offers a large capacity to inject slurry and prepare the seedbed on hundreds of hectares in a relatively short time.

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Slurry incorporation with NEXAT and Evers Agro Toric NX 1400 disc-cultivator injector
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