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4 June 2021

A new model Evers Quarter Strip-till Injector

Innovations have made this injector more versatile and lighter

The new model Evers Quarter Strip-till Slurry Injector is a further development of the existing Quarter. It is a precision strip-till injector which cultivates a row on uncultivated fields, eliminates soil compaction, injects slurry into the row and incorporates the slurry. With this done, the seedbed for maize or other crops is ready and can be sown in the cultivated row. The roots will develop close to the place where there is most nutrition, resulting in a much better utilisation of nutrients. No tillage takes place between the rows, which means that the soil between the rows retains its full bearing capacity. As a result, the field is better protected against erosion, drifting and slaking. Strip-tilling has a positive effect on soil structure and soil life, and saves passes and (fuel) costs.

The great advantage of the new model is that this Quarter can be mounted behind even more tankers because of its mountable linkage. Its lower weight means that this Quarter can also be used behind lighter tankers. The weight reduction is more than 300 kg, bringing the weight of the new Quarter (8-row version) to 3000 kg.

A brief look at the innovations of the successor to the Quarter:

  • lighter frame construction, so that this Evers Quarter can now also be used behind lighter tanks
  • suitable for mountable linkage, making it possible to use this Evers Quarter behind several types of tankers
  • the elements are hydraulically suspended, which gives improved adaptation to the ground contours
  • improved ease of use because the elements are easier to adjust
  • as standard all the elements are equipped with maintenance-free bearings.

The Evers Quarter was put through extensive testing last spring and the results are very positive. The machine does what we expected, which means that the new Quarter is a continuation of an already successful proven concept. Evers attaches great importance to functionality and practical ease of use and is in constant dialogue with end users about their experiences in the field. Thanks to this good cooperation, we have a clear picture of the customer's wishes. We include these customer needs in our developments and they are also reflected in this new Quarter. The new Quarter is available as of now.

Innovations make new model Evers Quarter Strip-till Injector more versatile and lighter

Innovations make new model Evers Quarter Strip-till Injector more versatile and lighter
A new model Evers Quarter Strip-till Injector
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