Injection system micro-organisms Grassland subsoiler and aerator

30 October 2023

Good grassland starts with the basics.

Growing high-quality roughage starts with the basics, namely good quality grassland. What is important here is that the soil structure is in optimal condition. Soil compaction in grassland is one of the causes of lower forage yield and quality. While grassland is by far the most valuable production resource of a farmer! It is essential for a farmer to pay attention to his valuable soil.

Technical innovations for soil improvement

Evers' grassland machines ensure higher and better-quality grass yields. The Front harrow removes bad grasses and weeds and the Combi single disc seeder rejuvenates the grassland. Aerating and subsoiling remove soil compaction and improve the soil's water retention, improve water drainage, promote rootability and increase oxygen content. These measures contribute to the grass offering better quality and higher yields.

New: Combining tillage with adding micro-organisms

By adding effective micro-organisms to the soil, it is possible to activate/improve soil life. Improved soil life has a positive impact on better/faster organic matter increase and improved soil structure, benefiting soil fertility. A research method that provides a representation of the mineral balance in the soil is the Kingsey-Albrecht method. Good chemical compositions, or macro- and micro-elements, of the soil with the right pH level, are essential for soil biology development and active soil life.

Injection system Grassland subsoiler

The Evers Grassland subsoiler can now be equipped with an injection system. The distinctive design of the MT tine prevents the mixing of the soil layers. This tine is provided with an extra tube to the chisel. The nozzle at the back of the chisel injects the liquid directly into the soil, at the desired depth. The chisel shortly lifts the soil, thereby removing any soil compaction and creating a temporary vacuum, drawing the fluids into the fine fracture lines created.

Injection system Grassland aerator

The Evers Grassland aerator can be equipped with a new type of blade and injection system. The new type of blade is suitable up to a maximum working depth of 5 cm. It uses sharp points to make small openings in the top layer of the sward.

By combining this with the innovative injection system (it can also be used on the already proven grassland aerator blades with a max. working depth of 18.5 cm), the liquids can be precisely injected into the openings. The injection system consists of a strong spring tine located precisely behind each blade rotor. Each spring tine has its own outlet, which injects the liquids at low emission. A simple system to effectively inject liquids.

The complete range of machines for grassland maintenance and injection systems will be on display at Agritechnica. Come along to get informed about the technical possibilities of grassland maintenance

Injection system micro-organisms Evers Grassland subsoiler and aerator
Injection system micro-organisms Evers Grassland subsoiler and aerator
Injection system micro-organisms Evers Grassland subsoiler and aerator
Injection system micro-organisms Evers  Grassland subsoiler and aerator
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