Jurgen Siebring

Arable farm Siebring, The Netherlands

Jurgen Siebring, crop farmer and owner of arable farm Siebring, Drenthe, already had several Evers machines and was looking for an alternative to a spading machine. “A fellow farmer in the area had an Evers Holsteiner subsoiler with a Garron fixed tine cultivator. We were able to try out these machines at the time and we liked it so much that we decided to buy some ourselves.”

“Factors that influenced our choice were that the Holstein subsoiler loosens the soil well so that hard layers disappear. It also creates the right balance between air, water and soil. And as for the Garron, it loosens the soil well and then compacts it well so that you can prepare a perfect seedbed. The machines from Evers are simple and solid and excellent value for money. They also incorporated our specific wishes into our machine. The model we have is suitable for any farmer growing crops on sandy and valley soils.” In combination with other models, the Holsteiner and Garron can also be used on other soil types.

Jurgen uses the Holsteiner for deeper tillage under the topsoil layer so that hard layers are eliminated. He uses the Garron to prepare a seedbed for washed potatoes, beets and onions. “On the Garron we have a hydraulic lifting system in which we can suspend various seed drills/seeding bars so that we can use the machine in a wide range of applications.”

The added value for our company: “More capacity, less intensive soil cultivation, less diesel per hectare and more crop residues at the top. Cheaper than a spader and fewer wearing parts than a spader. An example of a calculation for sowing beets: Evers’ Holsteiner subsoiling down to 40 cm deep and the Garron cultivating 25 cm deep costs 16 litres of diesel per ha. Subsoiling and spading costs double that amount in fuel!”

Jurgen Siebring, crop farmer decided for the Evers Holsteiner subsoiler with a Garron fixed tine cultivator
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