Van Overveld

Van Overveld contracting and rental company , The Netherlands

Using the Evers Grass Profi 6.20 m, Johan and Esther van Overveld, both owners of the contracting and rental company of the same name, manage to do several passes in one go in their fields. "Large capacity means more efficient work. The tines pull the rough stalks of the meadow grass and chickweed out of the existing grass cover, but the good grass remains. Then we do the sowing and rolling with the Pictor roller, which massages the seed well into the soil, without clogging on damp ground. Permanent grassland can also be sown with excellent results across the whole field. We also use this seed drill to sow green manure without any problems.”

Johan en Esther van Overveld, Van Overveld contracting and rental company, The Netherlands

Johan and Esther van Overveld: with the Evers Grass Profi: large capacity and more efficient work
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