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Combi injector for grain fields and grassland

The Evers Duodisc was developed for applying slurry to grain crops and on grassland. This slurry injector is a further development of the Evers Tribus combi slurry injector. The big advantage of the Duodisc is that it combines a high application capacity with a large working width (up to 18 metres) and can also be used on 9 metres.

The machine is equipped with large and solid convex discs with a diameter of 41.5 cm. Because of their somewhat tapered shape and size, these encounter relatively little resistance and roll/run under all conditions. The discs are available with a spacing of 18.75 cm or 25 cm.

The frame is of solid construction and comes standard with a V-adjustment, which makes headland turns easy. Because of all the different pivot points, the frame is able to adapt to the conditions of the ground. What's more, the machine follows the ground contours with perfect ease.

The maintenance-free elements are suspended in maintenance-free rubber cushioning. As an option, the injector can be fitted with folding tines for optimal covering of the manure on stubble fields. When folded, the tines can remain on the machine.

Available in various standard versions:

Size in cm

TypeNo. of discsNo. of outletsDisc spacingWorking widthTransport widthKg
Duodisc 750/18,75404018,757502982595
Duodisc 900/18,75484818,759002982845
Duodisc 975/18,75525218,759752982995
Duodisc 1200/18,75646418,7512002984420
Duodisc 1350/18,75727218,7513502984780
Duodisc 1500/18,75808018,7515002985120
Duodisc 1200/2548482512002983980
Duodisc 1350/2554542513502984285
Duodisc 1500/2560602515002984570

Technical aspects
Evers Duodisc sod and grain fertilizer
Version 15 metres

Working width15 metres - also always possilble with 9 metres 
Also available with working width5,5 / 7,5 / 8 / 9 / 9,75 /12 (9), 13,5 (9) of 18 (9) metres
Working width 9 metres with
section control
Standard of a working width of 12 / 13,5 / 15 and 18 metres
To be set in the driver's cabStandard
Disc spacing 18,75 or 25 cm
Disc diameter 41,5 cm
Disc bearingAgrihub quality bearing
The frame is built modularly with
standard Pendulum system
Standard from 12 metres working width
Frame with automatic V-position on the headlandStandard from 7,5 metres working width
Frame is equipped with Powder coating
Slurry spreaderAlrena or Vogelsang
Slurry hoses40 mm diameter
Retrofittable: foldable trailing tines
for incorporation of the liquid manure
Transport width298 cm
Transport or parking supportStandard

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