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Rigid tine row injector

The rigid-tine slurry injector can be used as a full-width as well as a row injector. A number of tines can be easily moved to convert from full-width to row injector.

Row injector for light to medium types of soils 

Thanks to its compact design, this row injector is particularly suitable for light to medium-heavy soil types. The tines loosen the soil structure evenly. The slurry is injected directly behind the tine and the fertiliser is quickly absorbed into the soil. Depth adjustment can be carried out via the rear roller or support wheels. The roller also:

  • levels the soil
  • closes the soil
  • ensures an optimal consolidation

    The injector is equipped with a Vogelsang Dosimat distributor as standard. The injector is also hydraulically foldable.

    Available in the following standard version:

    Size in cm

    TypeNo. of elementsWorking width Tine spacingRow spacingMax. working depthTransport widthKg (incl. support wheels)Kg (incl. rear roller Ø62 cm)
    Freiberger RB 19-5701957030702028023502880

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