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Precision injection in pre-tilled fields

GPS Precision injector

The Evers GPS Precision injector is a precision machine that applies slurry and incorporates it directly between rows on pre-tilled fields. By sowing later, the roots will develop close to where the most nutrition is. This results in a much better utilisation of nutrients.

    Because of regulations and tighter application standards maximum utilisation of minerals must be achieved. To achieve the best possible yield, it is essential that the manure is applied where it is most needed. Injecting slurry in the rows results in higher utilization efficiency, as the nutrients in the manure and seed are brought closer together in the soil. As a result, the young plants can absorb the nutrients more quickly.

    What are the advantages of injection between rows?  

    • Optimum utilisation of slurry
    • If the soil condition is good, no additional fertilization is needed
    • This means that with lower phosphate application standards, it is possible to grow a good crop with an excellent yield
    • No loss of capacity while injecting and sowing

      The Evers Garrano Precision injector

      This slurry injector comes standard with a working width of six metres, 75 cm frame height and eight height-adjustable tines at a distance of 75 cm. The Garanno loosens the soil 20 to 40 cm deep. This breaks up any bothersome layers, so that the soil ends up better aerated and with a better water balance. Immediately afterwards the next row of tines applies the slurry at the right depth and on both sides of the plant's root area.

      The basic configuration of the Garanno Precision injector is:

      Size in cm

      TypeRowsTine spacingWorking widthMax working deptTransport widthKg (incl. rear roller)
      Garanno 8-6008 75600 752953650 3250


      • V-profile roller with scrapers
      • sliding subsoiler tines (subsoiling between rows)
      • 25 cm chisel instead of 6 cm chisel (applicable to subsoiler tine)
      • air separators
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