Soil cultivation & seedbed preparation occasions

For quality crop and a good harvest, the seedbed and the soil must be in perfect condition. The best yield requires soil for proper root development, without compactions. A good soil condition is increasingly important due to more extreme weather conditions. That is the only way for optimal conditions to harvest successfully. Under wet conditions it is also essential to have proper water storage and drainage to harvest the crops.

Soil cultivation and seedbed preparation

Cultivation of crops on agricultural land will cause a change in the soil structure. Such a change may result in compactions. The use of increasingly heavy machinery is just one of the causes of soil compaction. Sufficiently important to loosen or break up such compacted soil from time to time. That is the only way to retain the vitality of the soil and to guarantee an optimal soil quality for harvesting.

Soil cultivation is aimed at preparing a good seedbed and creating a quality subsoil for crops. That is the only way to enhance the water balance and the conditions for root development in the soil. Depending on the type of soil cultivation, we distinguish a number of available options:

Matching the right tillage machine to the soil compaction to be removed will result in:

The extensive range of Evers products has the right tillage machine for every farm and every type of soil.

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